Walk for Life

Sat, January 27, 201810:00 AM


Saturday, January 27, 2018  
Lincoln, at the State Capitol  
10:00 A.M.  

Keynote Speaker: Ann McElhinney of “Gosnell,” The Book and Movie   

We walk from the Capitol after Mass at St. Mary’s at 9:00 to the UNL Student Union, for the speaker, pro-life info tables, food & drink. See the flyers on the bulletin boards for more info or go to: www.nebraskarighttolife.org. 

The Homilist at Mass will be Fr. Ryan Kaup, who was saved from abortion by a change of heart in his birth mother. Fr. Kaup was adopted by a Lincon family at birth. Come hear how his experience has shaped his passion for the Gospel, the priesthood & defending life in all forms.    

The Walk for Life is the most important Pro-Life event of the year sponsored by Nebraska  Right to Life. The Mass is sponsored by the Bishop’ Pastoral Plan for Pro-Life Activities.