RCIA & Basics of the Faith

Thu, August 23, 20187:00 PM

Consider attending our class on teh "Basics of the Faith" (in conjunction with the RCIA process.) This is a great opporunity for a "cradle Catholic" looking for a refresher course, a newbie Catholic who still has questions, or a non-Catholic who would like to learn about the Catholic Faith (whether you intend to join the Church or not).

We plan to meet on Thursday nights at 7:00 p.m. beginning August 23rd. Along with other resources, we will use Symbolon, an excellent video series produced by the Augustine Institute, allowing us to learn from some big names in Catholic Apologetics. (You can also access Symbolon through the parish's FORMED account.) If you want a tentative schedule for lessons, want to register, or have any questions, please call the parish offices.