40 Days for Life

Wed, September 27, 2017

The fall 40 Days for Life begins on September 27 and  will go until November 5. We are especially praying that  the Lincoln Planned Parenthood abortion center will  soon close, and for Planned Parenthood to be  defunded of our tax money. 

Abortions are done in Lincoln on Tuesdays. Dr.  Deborah Turner from Des Moines, who came out of retirement to kill babies in Nebraska, is still on duty.   

The cost for a RU-486 chemical abortion is $735.00. The cost for a surgical abortion is $825.00. Remember, chemical abortions do not have to be reported as an abortion because the babies die away from the PP abortion center.  Go pray at the Lincoln PP center, 48th and Old Cheney Road. Parking in the red brick Christian Church lot at the end of 48th street. We are not allowed to park in the PP abortion center lot.